The history of 「Maruichi Kaiun Co., Ltd. 」

The history of 「Maruichi Kaiun Co., Ltd. 」 was started since 1751. (middle of Edo Era) The founder called “Mr. Shogoro Hiya” who established shipyard business for authorized several Feudal lords at Dojima-Funamachi in Osaka City. In Meiji Era, the company already registered the symbol mark Θ , then started river barge transportation and rental barge as port & harbor transportation business during Taisho and beginning of Showa Era.
And after the war, in 1951 founded Maruichi Kaiun Co., Ltd. ,we used the the symbol mark Θ again. 67 years have passed since we have been producing global networks as professionals for logistics to the world.We will engrave the process for social contributions forever.

  • Osaka River Ship Loan Agreement(1908)

  • New shipbuilding design drawing(1829)

  • New shipbuilding drawn drawing(1829)

Corporate History

Apr. 1951 Established 「Maruichi Kaiun Co.,Ltd.」
Got an Authorization Barge Transportation Business (Registration No. 0077)
Apr. 1951 Got an Authorization Coastal Handling Business (Registration No. 1053)
Mar. 1958 Got an Authorization General Port & Harbor Transportation Business (Registration No. 2049)
Apr. 1958 Got an Authorization Customs Cargo Handler License (License No. 447)
Sep. 1964 Got an Approval General Port & Harbor Transportation Business (Gov. No. 1-2022)
Sep. 1964 Got an Approval Coastal Handling Business (License No. Osaka Port 3-80)
Nov. 1966 Constructed 「Kizugawa Center(Dangerous Goods Bonded warehouse)」
Sep. 1969 Got an Approval Coastal Transportation Business (License No. Kinki Port G0002)
Mar. 1970 Got an Approval Customs Clearance License (License No. 398)
Jun. 1970 Opened TOKYO New Office
Sep. 1970 Got an Approval Coastal Transportation and Handling Business (License No. Kinki Port W0180)
Feb. 1975 Osaka Head Office Completed (Now continue)
Apr. 1975 Merged with 「Okunocho-shoten」
Nov. 1975 Got an Authorization Road Transportation Handling Business (License No. Osaka 1577)
Sep. 1978 Awarded 100years Company by Osaka Chamber of Commerce
May. 1979 Established 「Osaka Chemical Center」 in Osaka Seaport
Mar. 1981 Superior Company of Fire Preventive Objection by Osaka City Fire Dept.
Dec. 1981 Constructed No.2 Warehouse (General cargo and Poisonous & Deleterious) at 「Kizugawa Center」
Jun. 1985 Opened OMUTA New Office (Fukuoka pref., Western Japan)
Oct. 1987 Started Own IT System 「SHIPNETS」
Mar. 1988 Got an Approval General Port & Harbor Transportation Business Management (License No. Kinki Port 83)
Apr. 1988 Started Air Freight Business
Feb. 1991 Got an Authorization Road Transportation Agency Business (License No. Kinki Transport 130-32)
Jun. 1991 Got an Approval NVOCC (Gov. License No.733)
Jul. 1993 Awarded 「Mr. Norimitsu Higuchi (Founder)」 by The Minister of Japan Transportation Department
May. 1995 Merged with 「Asano Shipping Co., Ltd.(Kobe)」
Oct. 1995 Opened Mizushima office (Okayama pref.)
Mar. 1997 Started Dangerous Goods Consolidation by Ocean Freight (LCL)
Oct. 1997 Started Operation Osaka Nanko North Wharf Warehouse (c/o Osaka Chemical Center)
Jul. 1999 Obtained ISO9002
Apr. 2001 Inauguration 「Mr. Norimitsu Higuchi」 as a Chairman
Apr. 2001 Inauguration 「Mr. Yukio Higuchi」 as a CEO
Nov. 2002 Awarded 「Mr.Norimitsu Higuchi」 with Yellow Ribbon Medal by the Japanese Government
Dec. 2002 Constructed 「Mizushima Center」 (Warehouse Business Registration No.4893)
Feb. 2003 Got Approval 「Mizushima Center」 with Boded Warehouse (License No. 447)
Jun. 2005 Transition ISO9001:2000ver.
Aug. 2006 Constructed No.5 Warehouse at 「Kizugawa Center」
Feb. 2008 Started Operation Automated Multi-Level Dangerous Goods Warehouse at Mizushima Center
Jul. 2011 18th warehouse (Type 1 Storage) in Osaka Chemical Center started business
Sep. 2011 Got an Approval AEO Customs Broker by Osaka Customs Department
Nov. 2014 Got an Approval Customs Clearance License at Mizushima office (License No. Kobe Customs 154)
Jan. 2015 Tokyo Chemical Center was completed
Customs clearance permit (Licence No.0014)
Bonded storage permit (Licence No.34)
Feb. 2015 Constructed 「Tokyo Chemical Center」(Bonded Warehouse, General Cargo, Poisonous & Deleterious,Dangerous Goods)
Apr. 2015 Opened 1st Overseas Office 「MKC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.」 in Bangkok, Thailand
Jun. 2017 Approved as a specified customs authority
Apr. 2019 Started operation of the automatic high-rise warehouse in Tokyo Chemical Storage Center
Feb. 2020 Approved as the exclusive leaseholder of Osaka Port Chemical Storage Center
Jul. 2020 President Mr. Yukio Higuchi Awarded by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Jul. 2021 Relocation of TOKYO Office
Mar. 2023 Opened Tokyo Branch
Jul. 2023 Transitioned from ISO9001 to Maruichi Kaiun's internal quality control system