MARUICHI KAIUN CO., LTD 代表取締役社長 樋口幸雄 MARUICHI KAIUN CO., LTD 代表取締役社長 樋口幸雄

We highly appreciate your continuous support, cooperation and understanding to our business activities.
We started our business in 1751, and based on our corporate philosophy, "Harmony", "Credibility"and "Progress", nowadays we have been providing comprehensive international logistics services responding to changes in the times, and contributing to our customers' success of the business.

The chemical industry contributes to solve issues for human beings such as global warming, energy, food and environmental problems, and is indispensable for the rich development of human beings.
For this industry, we have been doing business with safe, reliable and appropriate logistics of chemicals with high expertise, and contributing to the rich and safe life for the people all over the world, which chemical products bring. We are proud of our contribution, and at the same time, we are deeply aware of our social responsibility.

We will make every effort to keep our credibility and good reputation from our customers and society through continuing safe and stable business operation.
We sincerely ask your further support and cooperation.

Yukio Higuchi , President